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下水道清洗 Service in the 奥斯丁, TX Area

Accurate diagnosis of a slow or clogged drain is the first step in solv荷兰国际集团(ing) the issue. 在某些情况下, the clog is the result of a simple known event (GI Joe went down the toilet in a mission unsanctioned by the home 政府ernment).  Other times, you may just notice one of these common signs that you need drain荷兰国际集团(ing) clean荷兰国际集团(ing) service:

  • You have a drain that cannot keep up with water inflow.
  • There are gurgl荷兰国际集团(ing) or bubbl荷兰国际集团(ing) noises com荷兰国际集团(ing) from a drain (usually a toilet) when it’s not in use.
  • 任何下水道都有水溢出来.


The auger is always the first step in clear荷兰国际集团(ing) a blockage because it’s the least expensive, 最快最有效. Runn荷兰国际集团(ing) an auger will determine if a next step — such as hydrojett荷兰国际集团(ing) or the use of sewer inspection cameras — is needed. These methods can save time and money on diagnos荷兰国际集团(ing) and clear荷兰国际集团(ing) more complex clogged drain issues.


A hydrojet is a piece of equipment that uses high pressure water to scour the sewer lines of any debris that has adhered to the interior walls, restrict荷兰国际集团(ing) flow and potentially caus荷兰国际集团(ing) a stoppage. It’s especially useful in some of the smaller diameter pip荷兰国际集团(ing), 比如厨房排水管的分支, where small amounts of debris and grease can easily cause a blockage. It is also useful in larger diameter pip荷兰国际集团(ing) when there is a soft stoppage (a stoppage that has accumulated over time, 就像积聚的烹饪脂肪, 头发, 皂垢, 等.) that a standard auger has problems clear荷兰国际集团(ing). 另外, a hard stoppage (a solid piece of debris obstruct荷兰国际集团(ing) the line) is typically cleared with an auger.

Diagnos荷兰国际集团(ing) a Clogged Drain with a Camera Inspection

Video camera inspection of the sewer can be a very useful tool in diagnos荷兰国际集团(ing) any possible issues with your sewer line – both below the foundation and between the structure and the street.

For best visibility, the sewer line should first be cleaned with an auger or hydrojet. The sewer inspection cameras can then be entered into the sewer system at one of many different locations, depend荷兰国际集团(ing) on where there may be an exist荷兰国际集团(ing) issue. Usually, an outside sewer line cleanout is preferred.

Most sewer inspection cameras also have a locat荷兰国际集团(ing) feature, allow荷兰国际集团(ing) the 水管工 to detect exactly where any visible problem may be. We exclusively use drain camera equipment with a locator, as this technology is much more efficient than try荷兰国际集团(ing) to manually locate an issue – especially if digg荷兰国际集团(ing) is involved. 作为额外的好处, this feature can also be used to find the outside cleanout (if it has been obscured by landscap荷兰国际集团(ing) or someth荷兰国际集团(ing) else, 它的位置未知).

A video record荷兰国际集团(ing) can be made with an explanation of any issues that are visible. 常见的诊断包括:

  • Roots have penetrated the sewer line (most common)
  • Broken or cracked sewer lines due to shift荷兰国际集团(ing) foundations or other factors
  • Bellies in the line/improper slope caus荷兰国际集团(ing) debris to build up in a certain area until a stoppage occurs
  • Old, deteriorated and corroded cast iron lines that are past their lifespan

Us荷兰国际集团(ing) this diagnostic information, we will provide you with a well-informed 管道维修 建议.


If you’re hav荷兰国际集团(ing) issues with a clogged drain, we do not recommend acid-based drain cleaners, 因为他们正在破坏环境, your pipes  —  and even equipment that is used in your pipes. 出于同样的原因, we suggest leav荷兰国际集团(ing) the use of drain clean荷兰国际集团(ing) equipment to an experienced, 执照的管道工. When used improperly, it can cause bodily and property harm (and create quite a disgust荷兰国际集团(ing) mess).

At 有效的交流,电 and 管道, our 奥斯丁-area 水管工s will effectively diagnose and fix your clogged drains so you can get back to not think荷兰国际集团(ing) about your 帕朗柏荷兰国际集团(ing) system. 要预约,请填写韦德1946官方网站 触点形式 或者打电话给我们 .

electrician equipment bag next to legs with protective bags over shoes

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“I have been us荷兰国际集团(ing) Efficient for a while now for AC, electric and now also 帕朗柏荷兰国际集团(ing). 我在这家公司很开心. They are fast, efficient and very high quality. 最后一项工作是丙烷气 帕朗柏荷兰国际集团(ing). The Journeyman did not spare any effort to make the installation just perfect for our needs. 路要走!”

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“我们有一个 帕朗柏er from another agency out, and he really bungled th荷兰国际集团(ing)s up. Efficient set th荷兰国际集团(ing)s straight, were extremely polite, on time, and cleaned up after themselves. 估计是非常直接的. They had to open a wall to correct an issue with the tub/shower, and they made such a clean cut in the sheetrock that the patch荷兰国际集团(ing) of the wall could not have been easier. 强烈推荐!”

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“Fantastic experience all around… The technician assessed the issue and fixed under 45 min at a great rate. Will only be us荷兰国际集团(ing) efficient mov荷兰国际集团(ing) forward.”

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